While Envato doesn’t provide a reliable way to be informed when your item gets a comment, we took action and create a Chrome extension to help us with Envato comments notifications.

Give it to me

Short story: The name is Envato Comments Notificator it is listed in the Chrome Extension Store. Grab it configure it, and have fun.

The long story

It does require a few configurations to work, Right click on the extension icon and click on Options. Here you have to add an Envato Token which will provide access to the extension to view your chosen item comments.


Which items? Well, you have to select them manually. This means that you have to take them from the marketplace like themeforest.net. Take what Items do you want to listen and add them to the Options page, in the Items IDs area and separate them with a comma.



This extension simply calls the Envato API for your chosen items and checks if there are new comments for them. The time interval is your choice in the Check time in seconds area.

Nothing is perfect

There is room for improvement, help us test the extension and we will do our best to make it better.

@TODO List

  • Party breaker: It works only with themeforest.net for now.
  • Automatically create a token and fetch all the items IDs.
  • Improve the Options page visuals
  • Try a sound notification, or a pop-up