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Before and Beyond Gutenberg

Hello reader, this article is the mirror of my presentation at WordCamp Bucharest 2018, and if this doesn’t make sense while reading it, then it did while I was spoking these words.

As you can see from the title I want to talk about Gutenberg and how can we survive after WordPress 5.0  version, which may come in November.

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My Journey at WordCamp Europe 2017

My fellows from Pixelgrade and I attended WordCamp Europe 2017 in Paris, and I must admit it was a blast. Again. Luckily, I haven’t lost anything this year. Yaaay!

This was my first time in Paris, but visiting a vastly cultural city didn’t overcome my expectations as the event itself did. I admit that I’m not such a great fan of Paris. Instead, I truly enjoyed the beauty of WordCamp and the warm of people from 79 countries all over the world.

In this article, I want to share with you some specific thoughts about my journey: the talks that I enjoyed most, the people who changed my perspective, the WordPress mates who shared useful stuff.

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Why testing your WordPress site with a Visual Regression tool?

After writing a dedicated article about Automated Testing, I moved to the next phase: Visual Testing. All the hard work helped me came out with a bunch of insights you might consider if you plan to test your WordPress site with a Visual Regression tool. I highly recommend doing so.

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Introducing Gridable — The Missing Grid Content Editor

This article is all about Gridable — the missing grid content editor which we hope that will stand as the next WordPress inline grid editor.

In the last couple of months we (Pixelgrade crew and I) invested a lot of time and energy to make it happen, so hopefully, you will give it a try and share your thoughts on this one.

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The art of assumption making

Don’t ask yourself what is the art of assumption making yet, just ask if you have ever seen the assumption-making as an art? Can you see it now if you take your time to think about it deeply? First time when I asked myself this question, I was like, “Well, at least the person who assumes right all the time must be a successful one, no?”

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Add theme suggestions for plugins for real

This article is about my thoughts on different scenarios regarding the moment when a WordPress theme adds plugins suggestions in a clear and useful way.

I think the whole WordPress community raises a strong need for a visible and clear relationship between plugins and themes. I came across situations when a theme adds a style for a certain plugin, but the same WordPress doesn’t offer a clear way to tell us “What plugins can I use with this theme?

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Envato Comments Notifications – Chrome extension

While Envato doesn’t provide a reliable way to be informed when your item gets a comment, we took action and create a Chrome extension to help us with Envato comments notifications.

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Automated Testing, what can they bring

Please let me set your expectations from scratch. I really want to highlight the fact that I’m NOT an Automated Testing Guru, neither a testing-driven developer. I wrote a few tests in my “coding” life, and half of them I’ve already deleted because I’m way too embarrassed to showcase them. However, I see the added value they bring, and honestly, I want to pitch my colleagues at PixelGrade that we should take advantage of automatic tests. We want to deliver flawless WordPress products from top to toe.

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1Click update language pot files with phpStorm

Let me provide you a short context about this article’s purpose. In few words, what I’d like to do is to walk-you-through the process of updating language post files in faster and automated way. But hey! not fully automated, ok? You will need to click some buttons, but that’s a piece of cake.

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Losing my Phone—the best thing before WordCamp Europe 2016

I have attended to WordCamp Europe 2016 with the entire PixelGrade crew. In my scenario, I must confess I lived an amazing experience. My mind is full of a bunch of things I’ve learned, things I figured out I was doing wrong or things where I may be pretty good at.

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