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Patch my site to 94/100 score on page insights

When you build a website, you want it to reach as many people as possible. The quality of your content will naturally engage more visitors and a good presence on the social media channels will help you spread the word.

But most of your users will reach you through search engines — that’s why it’s important to be in a good relationship with Google’s indexing algorithms.

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Custom Body Class plugin for WordPress

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Run Gulp Tasks from PhpStorm

I would like to show you how I deal with gulp tasks in phpStorm where I use the “Gulp Task Runner” to execute gulp tasks.

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Error: options page not found!

I would like to talk about a little experience I had working with WordPress’s Settings API, section which I use a lot since I’m a backend developer.

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Check the WordPress version with a Chrome Extension

When you work with WordPress, you get to see and examine tones of WordPress themes.

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Make everything translatable, I mean everything!!

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PixelGrade ToolBox

This is a summary about the software and scripts used by PixelGrade team, to develop our WordPress themes and plugins.

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Don’t forget to flush your … rewrite rules

Before we get into this subject you should know that this is gonna be a technical article about pretty permalinks and their cache options in WordPress. You know what is WordPress right ? The CMS/blogging platform? No? Nothing familiar? If the answer is still “no” you are certainly in the wrong place.

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Patience, my young Padawan. You'll get there.

I was not a big fan of “Star Wars” but I will not be able to write something interesting very soon.

However I may publish some of my own “Tricks, Tips  and Hacks” pretty soon so you can come  visit me again or follow me on twitter,G+ or facebook for some cool stuff

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